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List of Universities, institution & t rade school offering IT education program in Bangladesh

I have listed most of the known institution offering IT education, especially those which have foreign affiliation or recognition & those that has Bangladesh Government approval. This list is by no means exhaustive. There are more to come as I gather information
Some institution listed here obviously offers many other different areas of studies & educational program, I have not listed their other programs in this list, since it is not relevant in this case. This is more specific to IT education. In some cases I could not provide the contact details or tuition cost & other relevant information due to unavailability of such info at this point .
This was not easy task to compile all these info, since composite information is quite difficult to come by out here. As an on going process, I will list any new institutions that evolves or on those that I could not gather information at this time, as part of our effort to compile data base information on IT education facilities in Bangladesh
Elias Talukder
7 star net
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Bangladesh university of Engineering & Technology (BUET) Dhaka

  • Course or program offered: 4 years degree in Computer science
  • Pre requisite: HSC - Intermediate certificate /Admission Test
  • Course fee: Taka Approx 12000

Dhaka University (DU)

  • Course or program offered: B.S.C (Honors) in Computer Science (4 year), M.S.C in Computer Science (2 years), B.S.C from Applied Physics (4 year)
  • Pre requisite: H.S.C. With 1350 marks
  • Course Fee: Taka (B.S.C.) 12,500 (M.S.C.) 3,100
  • Contact Details: University of Dhaka, Ramana , Dhaka 1000.  Tel (8802) 9661900 Fax (8802) 865583
  • E mail : Duregstr@bangla.net 
  • Web site : www.unidhaka.edu 

North South University (NSU)

Government Approved private university

  • Course Offered: BSC in Computer science
  • Prerequisite: HSC (1200) Marks), or A level /Admission test
  • Cost fee: 4,600,00 Taka Approx for 4 years program
  • Special category & feature: Affiliations with American & Canadian universities, Credit transfer provision. Also offers BBA, MBA & MIS program.
  • Contact details: North South University, 12 Kemal Ataturk Road Banani Dhaka- 1213. Tel (8802) 9885611-20 Fax ( 8802) 883030
  • E-mail: admin@nsu.agni.com 

Independent University Bangladesh (IUB)

Government Approved private university

  • Course or program Offered: BS in Computer science (4 year)
  • Prerequisite: HSC or A level.
  • Course fee: Taka 4,07,000 Approx for 4 year
  • Special category & feature: Affiliations with American & European universities. Credit transfer provision. Also offers MBA program in collaboration with Maastricht School of Management of Netherlands. University also offers other 4 years program like BBA etc. State of the art IT facility.
  • Contact details: Independent University Dhaka, House 15, Road 14 Baridhara, Dhaka 1212, Tel (8802) 9884498 or 9881681 fax (8802) 883959
  • E mail: info@iub-bd.edu
  • Web site: www.iub-bd.edu 

Ahsanullah Science & Technology University

  • Course or program offered: BS in computer Science (4 year)
  • Prerequisite: H.S.C, or A level
  • Course fee: 3,45,000 Approx for 4 years program

Queens University Dhaka

Government Approved private university

  • Course or program Offered: Computer Science (4 years). MBA & MIS program in affiliation with foreign university.
  • Prerequisite: SSC ( 1200 Marks) + HSC / TEST
  • Course fee: Taka 3,00,000 Approx for 4 years program
  • Special category & feature: Academic affiliation & linkage with Shenandoah university, USA, MiddleSex University UK, Ukraine university Ukraine. Internship & job Placement. Financial assistance is also available.
  • Contact details: 35 Kemal ataturk Ave ( 6th floor) Banani, Dhaka - 1213.  Tel (8802) 884687 or 889012 Fax ( 8802) 872499
  • E mail: queens@bdcom.com 

Institute of Business Administration & Information System (IBAIS Dhaka)

  • Course Offered: BS in Computer Information system.(4year). BS in Computer Engineering.
    MS in Computer Applications(2year)
  • Prerequisite: HSC, A level, or BS
  • Cost: (BS) Approx Taka 2,45,000, (MS) Taka 1,25,000
  • Special Category & feature: Foreign university affiliations, transfer credit provision. Degree awarded by American university in London. Member of world association of Universities & colleges (WAUC)
  • Contact Details: IBAIS , Road # 16 (old 27) House # 05 Dhanmondi R/A Dhaka - 1209.  Tel (8802) 9121927 or 9121970 TeL Fax ( 8802) 9121927
  • E mail: ibais@bangla.net
  • Web site: http://members.tripod.com/-ibias 

Perdana College of Malaysia 

Satellite Campus, Dhaka

  • Course or program offered: BSC (Hons) in Computer Science-4year. BSC Business Computing (4year). BSC Hons in Business information System (4year). BSC Hons in Computer Engineering (4year)
  • Prerequisite: For all the above HSC or A level
  • Cost: 1 year Bangladesh, 1 year in Malaysia, 2 years in Canada Or total 4 years in Canada / or
    Malaysia. Taka 9,00,000 Approx
  • Special category & feature: Foreign university affiliations include Acadia Canada, University of Windsor & the university Northumbria UK. Overseas class. Credit transferable to affiliated universities
  • Contact details: Perdana College of Malaysia Dhaka campus, Level 4 , BTMC Bhaban , Kawran Bazar , Dhaka.  Tel Fax (8802) 9123122
  • E-mail: pcminfo@bangla.net 

Microland Dhaka

  • Course or program offered: BSC Hons in Computer Science (Exam from London University - External Program) 3 years
    BSC in business Computing. BSC in Computer Science 4 year. Higher Diploma in Computer Studies (A level) 1 Year
  • Prerequisite: HSC / A level or BSC
  • Cost: 4 years external program in London is Approx Taka 4,00,000. BSC program in Dhaka Taka 1,72,000. Diploma Program is Taka 28,000

IST Dhaka

  • Course or program offered: BSC Hons in Computer Science ( 4 year)& MSC (1 year) in Computer Science
  • Prerequisite: HSC / A level
  • Cost: Taka Approx 1,72,000

Borhanuddin Post graduate College, Dhaka 

Under National University

  • Course or program offered: BSC in Computer Science ( 4 year)
  • Prerequisite: HSC/A Level
  • Cost: Taka 1,06,000 (Approx)
  • Special Category & feature: The university is under national University. Also offers Postgraduate programs. Three campuses in Dhaka, Job placements. Offers other program like environmental Science, Anthropology, and BBA & MBA.
  • Contact details: Shaikh Burhanuddin College, Lamatia campus, 62 Nazimuddin Road Dhaka 1100. Tel (8802) 9113617 0r 9129969

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute

  • Course or program offered: Diploma in Computer Science (3 Year)
  • Prerequisite: SSC or equivalent
  • Cost: Taka 8,000

Mohila Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka

  • Course or program offered: Diploma in Computer ENGG (3 year)
  • Prerequisite: SSC or Equivalent
  • Cost: Taka 8,000

Infinity Institute of Technology Dhaka

  • Course or program offered: Diploma in Computer Science (4 year). Diploma in Computer Engg (1 year). Diploma in CIS (1 year)
  • Prerequisite: HSC / A level or Equivalent
  • Cost: 4 Years program is Approx Taka 3,00,000. One Year Program is Approx 51,600.
  • Special Category & feature: Affiliation with London Institute of Technology & Research (LITR) UK, Transfer Credits
  • Contact details: IIT Dhaka
    166 Lake circus, Kalabagan Dhaka- 1205
    Tel (8802) 810599 or 9110995

Tulec Computer Education (Star Computer), Dhaka

  • Course or Program Offered: Diploma in Computer Programming (1 Year). Diploma in Computer Engg (1 year). Advance Diploma in software Applications: (21/2 year). Masters Diploma in IT (1 year)
  • Prerequisite: SSC in with Computer knowledge for 1-year diploma. Other courses required BSC or equivalent degree from University.
  • Cost: Not available
  • Special Category: Foreign Affiliations, Transfer credit provision
  • Contact details: N/A

American Computer School (ACS), Dhaka

  • Course or program Offered: Diploma in Computer applications (2 year). Diploma in Computer (1year). Advance course in Computer Applications (6 month)
  • Prerequisite: HSC/ A level or above
  • Cost: For one years program Approx Taka 35,000. For 6 month Advance course Approx Taka 20,000.
  • Special Category & feature: Foreign Trade school affiliations
  • Contact details: N/A

Genetic Computer School Dhaka. ATI .LTD

Singapore Based franchise education program

  • Course Offered: Diploma in Computer Studies (8Mo/12Mo). Higher Diploma Computer Studies (8Mo/12Mo).
  • Prerequisite: HSC or O level
  • Cost: Approx Taka 56,000
  • Special Category & feature: Has 12 independent branch including in other divisions like in Rangpur, Barishal, Dinajpur, Rajshai, and Chittagong. Program affiliated with Singapore Education Curriculum. Genetic Computer is Singapore Based Institution that has several-licensed branch in Bangladesh. Certification issued from Singapore. Moderated by California State University Chico USA & Manchester Metropolitan University UK. Credit Transfer provisions. Postgraduate diploma is also offered
  • Contact details: Genetic Computer - Mohammadpur Center.
    1/11 Iqbal Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka - 1207
    Tel ( 8802) 9120195 (8802) 814513

Asset International (Flora Computer Systems) Dhaka

  • Course or program offered: AQPP-Asset qualified professional program (1 year /6 Month), ADSET Engg (1 year / 6 Month),
  • Prerequisite: BA, B COM or BSC
  • Cost: One year program Approx Taka 87,000. Six month Program 98,000
  • Special Category & feature: Foreign Affiliation Part of Aptech India Franchise. Transfer credit provision, Certified computer courses
  • Contact details: 17 New Eskaton Road Magbazar Dhaka -1000, Tel (8802) 9341761
  • E-mail: florasys@dhaka.agni.com

Aptech Computer ( Aptech India)

Largest international franchise Computer Education Center in the world

  • Course or program Offered: Software Engg (6 month short program, or 1 year, 2 year or 3 year program). ACCP- Aptech certified Computer professional
  • Prerequisite: HSC or O level
  • Cost: 6 month is taka Approx 24,000, one year is taka 45,000. 2 year is 80,500. 3-year program is approx 1,202,000
  • Special Category: Program is well recognized; Institution has direct affiliation with Aptech India. Also offers Micro Soft Certification Program Under special wing -Axiom . Has at least Five Branch in Dhaka, One in Chittagong, One in Sylhet, one in Comilla. More new branches are opening shortly
  • Contact details: Aptech Kemal Ataturk Branch Dhaka. 34 Kemal Ataturk, Ave Banani Dhaka. Tel (8802) 9886539 or 601990
  • Web site : www.aptech-education.com 

Daffodil IIT, Dhaka 

in affiliation with NCC UK

  • Course or program Offered: International Diploma in Computer Science (1 year). International advance diploma in Computer Science (1 year). BSC Hons in Computer Science.
  • Prerequisite: For Diploma only HSC or Equivalent required. For BSC Hons Diploma in Computer Science is required
  • Cost: For Diploma in Computer Science Approx Taka 62,500. For Advance Diploma Taka 82,500 For BSC Hons Taka 109,000
  • Special Category & feature: Affiliated with UK NCC, Transfer credit provision. Well-recognized program. ISO 9000 certified education & training
  • Contact details: Daffodil IIT Dhaka, Head office: 64/3 Lake circus Kalabagan (2nd to 4th floor) Mirpur Road Dhaka 1205. Campus House # 4 Road # 15 New Dhamondi R/A Dhaka, Tel (8802) 9117205or 9122301 (8802) 816103 Fax (8802) 816103
  • E-mail: daffodil@citechco.net
  • Web site: www.daffodil-bd.com 

IBCS Primex (software & Training House)

NCC - UK program

  • Course or program Offered: International Diploma in Computer Science (1 year) Advance International Diploma in Computer Science (1 year)
  • Prerequisite: HSC / A level or Graduate
  • Cost: Normal Diploma Taka, Taka 59,000. Advance Diploma Taka 80,000
  • Special Category & feature: Affiliated with NCC UK. Transfer credit provision. IBCS Primex is also one of the leading software houses in Bangladesh. They have had several different training programs including Oracle certified training program.
  • Contact details: IBCS PRIMEX Software & training - Bangladesh Ltd, House # 672 Road # 11 (old 32) Dhanmondi R / A Dhaka 1209, Tel (8802) 9123186 Fax (8802) 818178
  • E-mail: ipsb@bdonline.com
  • Web site: www.ibcs-primex.com 

Bhuiyan Institute of Technology

NCC (National Computing Center) - UK program

  • Course or program Offered: BSC Hons in Computer Information System (4 year). Diploma in Computer & information (1 year)
  • Prerequisite: HSC / A level or Graduate
  • Cost: 4-year program is taka 1,08,000. Approx One year Program is Taka 40,000
  • Special Category & feature: Internationally l recognized program - Affiliated with NCC UK. Transfer Credit Provision. Degree program is offered in collaboration with Guildhall University UK. This is one of the first trade school in Bangladesh.
  • Contact details: Bhuiyan Institute of Technology, House # 3 Road # 10 Dhamondi R/A Dhaka 1205 Bangladesh, Tel (8802) 9117507 Fax (8802) 9131915
  • E mail:ccscis@citechco.net 

CITN Dhaka - ACM computers

Under University of Comilla

  • Course or program Offered: Masters in Computer Applications (1 year). BSC in Computer Science (4 year). Diploma in computer applications
  • Prerequisite: For masters program 3 years of Bachelor degree minimum is required. For BSC minimum requirements are HSC/ A level
  • Cost: Approx Taka 70,000 for 3-year program
  • Special Category & feature: Program conducted jointly under Comilla university.
  • Contact details: CITN - ACM computers
    House # 33 Road # 4 Dhanmondi Dhaka -1205
    Tel (8802) 866185or 837866
  • E-mail: citn@bangla.net 

Desk Top Computers

ATEC - Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Center, Also Authorized Sylvan Prometric Testing Center

  • Course or program offered: All MS certification courses. Plus testing is conducted in the same center.
  • Prerequisite: SSC /HSC / A level or equivalent
  • Cost: Ranges from Taka 2000 to 8000 on an average for each course depending on the course duration which ranges from 16hrs to 40hrs
  • Special category & feature: MS authorized training & testing center. MS certified instructors teaches all courses
  • Contact details: Desk Top computer Connection Ltd, 139 Shantinagar, Dhaka 1217 Bangladesh.  Tel (8802) 834782 or 833992, Fax (8802) 836001. Chittagong address: - 88-89 Agrabad C/A Tel (031) 71311
  • E-mail: desktop@bdonline.com 

AMA CLC of Philippines - Techno haven computer learning center

  • Course & program Offered: Five different Computer diploma programs / all recognized International certification program. Average duration is 2 years.
  • Prerequisite: HSC / A level or equivalent
  • Cost: depending on course duration & other factor
  • Special category & feature: AMA CLC is ISO 9001 Certified & has affiliation with Lucent Technologies (Bell Lab) of USA, Kingston College UK. The diploma program is accredited by the National Computing Center of UK & the American League of Colleges & universities (ALOCU). Job placement facilities. On the job training program. AMA has several branch in Dhaka.  Courses are transferable in USA, UK, Philippines, and Hong Kong.
  • Contact details: AMA - Techno haven.  CLC , 748 Satmashjid Road Dhanmondi Dhaka. Tel (8802) 9114496 (8802) 9114496 - Fax (8802) 9668338
  • E-mail: ama@technohaven.com 

Pentasoft Center of Excellence, Dhaka

Joint venture between Leopard Computing and Computing 2000 Ltd.

  • Course or program offered: Advance Internet Diploma. Pentasoft Power Diploma (PPD). Foundations in Computer Science, Children's Education, Certification Program for IBM, Silicon graphic & Apple developer. Special certification on Multimedia
  • Cost: depends on course program & duration.
  • Special category & feature: This is a division of Penta four communications India. Authorized training center of IBM, Silicon Graphics, Apple developer & Kodak.  Internationally recognized certification program including for IBM & silicon graphics. Certified course instructors.
  • Contact details: Pentasoft, House # 39, Road 14/ a, 2nd floor, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka 1209. Bangladesh, Tel (8802) 817125 or Mobile 019- 350547
  • E-mail: pentaleo@Dhaka.agni.com 

New Horizon Computer Learning Center, Dhaka

USA based worlds largest IT training center

  • Course or program: Offers variety of flexible IT training choices including, instructor lead class, web based training (WBT) computer based training using CD rom. Certification program Certified Novel Engineer, Compac accredited System engineer MS certified Engineer.
  • Cost: Depends on number of course & duration
  • Special Category & feature: This is also a Micro Soft authorized technical education center - CTEC. As well as Novell Authorized education center -NAEC. American franchise Education. The center also Offers Authorized certification Programs. The center have received college /university credit recommendation from the American Council on Education (ACE), All certification are internationally recognized. Prometric Testing c